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Operation: Golden Bear

Peter Dash

It is 2025 and Russia is in turmoil.


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-996-3
Published : 31/05/2018
Pages : 272
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Peter Dash

Peter Dash is a professor who writes spy thrillers with insights into global finance and politics. He brings life experience to his novels from having worked for corporations, governments and educational institutions in a dozen countries, including China, South Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia. He is a former researcher at Harvard University's Center for International Affairs and a University of British Columbia, graduate.

Ten percent of his royalties will go to his high school, Lower Canada College, a premier independent school, and to the universities he graduated from. All for helping underprivileged students to have easier access to quality education. Peter is currently based out of Southeast Asia and recently worked in Latin America.


About Book

It is 2025 and Russia is in turmoil. Its major oil and gas pipelines have been blown up by terrorists. A deadly, GMO-based disease has hit most of its grain crops, leading to famine. And, debilitating economic sanctions by the West are also contributing to chaos and mass protests on the streets.

Desperation is all around, leading to the rise of a new populist and nationalist socialist party, promising law and order and a new Russian empire to make Russia great again.

In response, top Kremlin insiders launch the Committe: a top secret initiative that will oversee cyber-warfare, terrorism and blackmail against the West, all in the pursuit of restoring prosperity. The mission, is called "Operation Golden Bear".

Two Americans, a black woman ambassador to Moscow and a Bronx born spy are key to countering the Committee. Who will win and who will lose will affect whether democracy grows or dies and whether World War III is started, which Russia can now win with its new class of human drones and hypersonic missiles, the Putin One.

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