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Nine Lives Of The Good Kitty

Peirce Nice

Moving is difficult. Whether as a child or a pet, the sense of fear, loss of control, loss of friends, or changing schools, is real.


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-061-1
Published : 27/05/2021
Pages : 50
Size : 280x216
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Peirce Nice

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I myself am the son of a career soldier and longtime diplomat. We moved nine times by the time I was eighteen. I intimately know how difficult it is for a child to uproot every couple of years. I will say this with as much honesty and sincerity I can muster, I truly wish I had these types of books to help explain things to me when I was a kid. I can think of nothing more satisfying personally or professionally than knowing that if a child reads these books the distress, fear, and sense of utter helplessness felt by countless children globally could somehow be meaningfully eased, or even perhaps eliminated altogether.

These books are relevant regardless of a child's country of origin, or language. As a former child who has attended several international, and United Nations schools around the world, I can tell you with certainty that nearly every country on Earth sends its diplomats and business men and women abroad; often times accompanied by their school-age children. Nine Lives Of The Good Kitty was written with those families in mind.


About Book

Moving is difficult. Whether as a child or a pet, the sense of fear, loss of control, loss of friends, or changing schools, is real. Nine Lives of the Good Kitty depicts this very real fear and sense of loss through the eyes of a beautiful, majestic white cat named The Good Kitty. The Good Kitty and his family are moving. The problem is, however, The Good Kitty has no idea what is going on. From the moving boxes scattered around the house, to the utter panic of being tossed into the belly of a dark scary airplane, The Good Kitty has no idea how to deal with all the unknowns around him. This changes though when The Good Kitty is introduced to a new friend in his new neighborhood. The Good Kitty finds comfort, and a new kind of love when he meets Nina. This book is a must for any family preparing to, or who has recently moved. It is a valuable tool that will ultimately grant parents insight into how terrifying the world can be to a child who is moving; a perspective that is sometimes lost when dealing with the chaotic realities of a real-life move. This book will help both children and parents understand and deal with the very real hardships that are associated with a family move.


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