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Peter Rochford

Our driving forces are sex, power, money and knowledge.


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-760-0
Published : 30/03/2017
Pages : 247
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Peter Rochford

I was expelled from school at the age of thirteen years.

I was expelled from my mother's affections at the age of thirteen seconds.

My father never held a conversation with me.

As a young man, I became deeply infatuated with myself. Others became deeply infatuated with my infatuation. That happens.

I am slow to offer affection but I return more than I receive.

As I have grown older, the realy love that I've given and the real love that I've received tends to direct my thoughts. That might be wisdom.


About Book

Our driving forces are sex, power, money and knowledge.

Nick is born in Dublin, in a place devoid of power, money or knowledge. All that is available is Catholic indoctrination and the acceptance of poverty that is forced into the minds of the poor. He rejects that even before puberty.

He has strong impulses for sex and knowledge, and arrives in London as a young man, where he meets Miles and Naomi, a married couple. Miles has education, brilliance and ruthlessness, all that's required to become a billionaire. Miles does indeed become a billionaire. Nick has to settle for millions. Their lives intertwine until their differing impulses bring them into conflict. There can be only one winner, a third party: the Devil.

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