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Naughty Norska

Yvonne Horsfield

The story is written as a tribute to my beloved dog Norska who passed away at eighteen years.


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-103-8
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 27
Size : 280x216
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Yvonne Horsfield

Yvonne has a background in teaching children in out-of-school situations such as Sovereign Hill Goldmining Township and the Art Gallery of Ballarat, plus added experience in schools teaching Italian language. She lives on a 3 acre bush block opposite State forest on the fringe of Ballarat and is passionate about wildlife and the natural environment. She has previously published several books on this theme and also loves all domestic animals. She has participated in many Book Week programs in local and Victorian schools.

Garth also inherited a love of animals and Nature's creations. From an early age he loved to sketch from reality as well as create from his imagination. His favorite Australian artist was Michael Leunig, cartoonist and satirist, famous for the wry humour evident in his sketches. Garth has practiced as a professional graphic artist for many years and also writes and performs his own music.


About Book

The story is written as a tribute to my beloved dog Norska who passed away at eighteen years. It is a true account of the major incidents in her life. The setting is the schoolyard where she regularly turns up as a stray, and the unsuspecting Miss Evie is drawn into becoming the dog's saviour.
It describes the bond that slowly formed between them and how Norska's heroic nature ensured that eventually, she became the most faithful and treasured friend of Miss Evie. The story will appeal to all children who love animals, particularly dogs. My son Garth took pleasure in illustrating her story.

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