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Natural Knowledge Comprehension

Daksha Patel

Children will sense their imagination kindled by lions, tigers, polar bears, apple trees and other natural phenomena.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-955-4
Published : 29/04/2021
Pages : 70
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Daksha Patel

Daksha Patel is of Indian origin. She is a qualified Hindu. Born in October 1975, she has a BA Honours Degree in English with History. She also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education that includes Qualified teacher status.

Daksha is fluent in Gujarati and holds a purple belt in the martial art of karate.

Daksha Patel's motto in life is that if at first you don't succeed in your aims and objectives then you should try, try, and try again. Education is for character building and it enables us to shine like a star when we succeed at it.


About Book

With a series of evocative poems depicting plant life, the animal kingdom and human nature, primary school age children are drawn to engage sensitively with their growing general knowledge and observations of the world around them. Children will sense their imagination kindled by lions, tigers, polar bears, apple trees, flowers and pearls and other natural phenomena as well as being challenged on the nature of gambling. Daksha Patel reinforces her collection of stirring haikus and nature poems with testing comprehension tasks that allow the reader space for reflection and personal response. The gentle emphasis on alliteration, personification, broadening children's lexical range and grasp of syntax will enable young readers to develop strong verbal skills as well as broadening their horizons of the natural environment.



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