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Kami Jerronime

Professor Kyrilov had invented a marvellous machine, which could read minds.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-896-0
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 369
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Kami Jerronime

"Kind of huge life disappointment. Crisis. Willingness to stop the repetitive cycles. Evolution of consciousness. Transformation of mind and personal values. Huge source of creativity in completely new fields of activities. Thirst for a life and its mysteries." - this is a brief description of the author's few latest years, just the same as many of people might have probably experienced lately. Coming to a period of higher vibrations, the necessity to start building a New world in the Old one, has become the main goal, sense, priority and mission of this author.

Starting by an advanced medical technology which is described in this book, ending up with a new set up, reminding something reflecting what we imagine under the name "Paradise on Earth".

By following up, you might get your point...


About Book


Professor Kyrilov had invented a marvellous machine, which could read minds. This invention though is based on his previous one, existing one, which has been in use for some time as a new medical technology with great impact to the patient, rapid diagnostics and very accurate treatments of various pathologies.
His girl-Friday, Sonia, works with him at their centre and believes in the power of the Mindreader and the alternative medicine she can provide. However, when the Mindreader is stolen and then sold to a manufacturer to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, Sonia and the professor have to try to save mankind from themselves.
This so called "sci-fi" has been not only based on a true story, but referring to the latest pandemics it mirrors two major aspects. A positive one: a new medical device can help the existing health care systems all over the world from their struggling and collapsing, followed by huge economic crisis. And the negative one is that the same pandemic situation can be purposely used for bringing more control, fear, and "chipping", in other words a global MIND-READING?
Find out more in this interesting and intriguing read.

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