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Mercenary of Navigon: The Compass of Power

Randy Boodram

Mercenary of Navigon Part One: The Compass of Power is a fantasy novel written by Randy Boodram. 


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-017-4
Published : 28/10/2021
Pages : 134
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Randy Boodram

Randy Boodram is an ambitious, new adult genre author who is self-published on Amazon and has been writing since he was seven. He continues to home in on his passion for writing with every new story he creates. After self-publishing in 2018, Randy displayed his work publicly in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, while being nominated for other local conventions. His writing draws inspiration from books, video games, anime, manga and movies alike, as he illustrates them all too. Randy has a very supportive family and circle of friends who actively inspire these talents.




About Book

Mercenary of Navigon Part One: The Compass of Power is a fantasy novel written by Randy Boodram. It takes place on the supercontinent of Arcadia and begins with the Council of Navigon assigning Kratos to locate the missing Princess Krystoria. He agrees to the mission in return for a payment and is given the Compass of Power, an ancient artifact with over four thousand years of history, to aid in his quest.
Kratos must travel across Arcadia, to the four sister nations, in order to acquire clues, but encounters trials in the process. He then questions the validity of his mission, despite him being a mercenary, as he learns of a secret rooted alongside the Compass of Power's foregone history. This forces him to choose between his code or his morals.
This novel is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys fantasy, action, romance, and the thrill of adventure.

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