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Melting Permafrost

Catherine Wheels

This is an autobiography, written by an anonymous author


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-734-5
Published : 26/11/2020
Pages : 141
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Catherine Wheels

Who I am? I could be you and you could be me. This is autobiographic work. In daily life I coach and assist people in social care and before that I was an all-round journalist. I studied communication sciences. But even more important than that: I am a wife of one, a mother of three beautiful children, a close friend of five but a buddy to a lot. To protect the people who are mentioned in the book, I have used the pseudonym, Catherine Wheels and I changed all the names.


About Book

This is an autobiography, written by an anonymous author of a childhood in France where she was physically abused by her father. Whilst suspecting the abuse stretched to her siblings and to her mother, the author felt there was a web of secrecy around the family situation. When she raised the issues and threatened to tell, her family called her a liar and refused to acknowledge her experiences.
She feels there was a village-wide cover up of her family's abuse which spanned generations due to their standing and wealth in their local farming community.
Now an adult, the author is able to come to terms with her past, and with the help of a medium is able to piece together the abuse she and her mother experienced at the hands of her father.

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