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Meet Tommy Atkins

Peter Gill

The time; 11 o'clock. The date; November 11. 11, 11, 11.


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-078-5
Published : 29/07/2021
Pages : 200
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Peter Gill

Peter is best known as a pianist and vocalist of many years standing, famous for his rock n roll and boogie woogie performances and for touring the UK and Europe in a host of top theatre shows. He has written several non-fiction books and a number of plays. Meet Tommy Atkins is his first novel and is based on his play of the same name.

Peter lives in Gloucestershire in the UK.

For more information on him please visit his website:


About Book

The time; 11 o'clock.
The date; November 11. 11, 11, 11.

It wasn't as if there was a war that had been won... Tommy knew it wasn't over - a ceasefire had been called, yet who were the winners?
He knew he would be back - it was just a matter of time...
They had all been told, time and again, that they'd fought for their ‘King and Country' in return for a Land Fit for Heroes.
A Land Fit for Heroes - what exactly was this supposed to mean? Had things really changed? He, along with thousands of others, flooded home from the trenches to civilian life, from a hidden world of suffering to being expected to fit straight back into normal life.
Peter Gill has triumphed by encapsulating the life of Tommy Atkins, a soldier like many other soldiers, dedicated to playing a part in fighting for their country.

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