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Little Explorers - Tony, Hana, Max and Olly

Włodzimierz Malczewski

Join our Little Explorers Tony, Hana, Max, and Olly as they set out on adventures in the world around them.


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-084-0
Published : 25/03/2021
Pages : 137
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Włodzimierz Malczewski

Włodzimierz Malczewski was born in Poland. Engineer and architect by education and profession, his passion has always been literature. He debuted with Bitwy Aniołów (Angels' Fights) in 2013, before publishing Powiedz mi dlaczego (Tell Me Why), Moje Miasto (My Town) and Uwikłany (Implicated). He is also the author of children books Antoś Mrówek i Hania Biedronka (Tony the Ant and Hana the Ladybird) and Maks Motyl i Olek Ważka (Max the Butterfly and Olly the Dragonfly).



About Book

Join our Little Explorers Tony, Hana, Max, and Olly as they set out on adventures in the world around them-but are they ready for such dangerous quests? Find out whether they are all able to return home to Grandpa William safely...

Whilst on their outings, the friends encounter an extensive range of other beings, including a sly fox, a European rhinoceros beetle, a peregrine falcon, and even a cat named Brooklyn. Tony sets on a journey to explore the lights of the big city; Hana is desperate to be reunited with her missing coat (but could it be that her beautiful spotted coat is already waiting, ready to soon come out?); Max is on the hunt for pirate treasure and is determined to find it before anyone else does (but will he be able to sail his ship?); and as for Olly, after spotting flickering lights far away, he is fixated on finding the treasure and returning home (but is everything as it seems from a distance?).

When grandchildren are born, grandparents buy them gifts - rompers, blankets, rattles, cuddly toys - but when ours were born, my wife took care of it, and I wrote fairy tales for them.

- Grandfather Włodek

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