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Kang Myongku

Kang Myongku ran his first marathon when he was in his fifties.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-978-3
Published : 24/06/2021
Pages : 213
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Kang Myongku

Writer: Kang Myongku (강명구, 姜命求, Peace Marathoner)
Cross-America - No Support-Marathon (2015.2.1. ~ 2015.6.5., 5,200km)
Cross-Eurasia Peace Marathon (2017.9.1 .~ 2018.10.6., 16,000km)
Round-partial Vietnam Marathon (2016.1)
Round-partial Nepal Marathon (2016.6)
Cross-Korea Peace Marathon (2019.7)
Email:, MP: 82 10 4661 9424
Book: 1. Lightpath-MK (2016.12) I Run (2020.9) Translator: Song InYeup (송인엽, 宋仁燁, Professor, ODAist)
Ph.D.h.c Literature. Fouding Member of KOICA,
(F) Professor of Korea National University of Education (KNUE)
Books: 1. Our Stage all over the World (우리의 일터는 5대양6대주다)
2. World Travel in Poem (시(詩)로 노래하는 세계여행)
3. Beautiful Korea (시(詩)로 노래하는 우리 산하>
4. History Development and Human Prosperity (역사발전과 인류공영)
5. Kagnew (Ethiopian Soldiers in Korea, 강뉴)
6. Youth Decameron (청춘 데카메론)>
7. Love in a Torn Land (페쉬메르가의 연인)
8. I run (나는 달린다)>

Email: MP: 82-10-7720-0004


About Book

Kang Myongku ran his first marathon when he was in his fifties and then decided to run an ultra-marathon across the US from California to New York by himself. He finally did this ultra-marathon unaccompanied and relied on GoogleMaps to find a route and motels to sleep in along the way and the kindness of strangers when unavoidably needed. With no real training under his belt, and surviving primarily on junk food for 125 days we learn that throughout the 5200km journey, Kang's thoughts turn continually to food and where to sleep. He hints at running away from depression and the life he was leading in the US and at finding himself truly while running, but also wanted to run this ultra-marathon as a way of promoting the unification of Korea.
Kang is a man who is immensely proud of what he achieved running across the US and wants to share his thoughts on this with the world.

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