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Journey: Full Stop to Semicolon

Manasi Manchanda

This book helps the reader to change the full-stop moments in their life to those of semicolons - a break stronger than a comman but not a final dead end


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-036-0
Published : 26/07/2018
Pages : 154
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Manasi Manchanda

Currently pursuing her masters as a psychology major, Manasi Manchanda is a twenty-on-year-old innocent, zealous and humble girl. Driven by her innate passion of psychology she has pursued several short-term certifications in the field of psychology such as criminal and forensic psychology, REBT and adolescent and adult psychology just to name a few. 

She is also a trained pistol shooter up to national level. 

But most importantly, she is a girl just like you, strongly determined by her own experience of clinical depression, autoimmune disorder and such hardships, resolute and driven to unveil self-attainable happiness and turning full stops into semicolons. She is also the girl behind the "full stop to semicolon" community. 


About Book

A semicolon is used to make a break stronger than a comma but not a final dead end like a full stop. In life we are faced with arduous circumstances, compelling us to give up, to use a full stop and end it all, but instead we choose to fight the circumstances to beat the odds and emerge as a survivor. This book revolves around the semicolon moments experienced in real life. It's a perfect blend of love, life, struggles (big or small), absolutely non-fictitious - it's as real as it gets. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult or older, suffering with low marks, body image issues, career, first love, last heartbreak, loss of a loved one or regaining happiness, it has something for everyone. Nothing is worth your putting a full stop to this magnificent journey of your life you had been writing so sincerely for so long.

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