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Jackson Penn - an Uncertain Boy

John Salter

Jackson Penn's complex upbringing prepares him for a range of experiences.


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-023-5
Published : 26/08/2021
Pages : 346
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

John Salter

John Salter came to be an author after a long and varied career: firstly, a Jesuit education "which went in backwards" (as James Joyce would have it); then art school, before being a security guard and an art master in London of the "swinging sixties"; thereafter, a lecturer in the Sociology of Education; a teashop owner in Lyon (he had fled the destruction of England by Margaret Thatcher); and finally, "Professeur de Histoire/Géo" in a lycée, translator and "vacataire" for two Lyon universities. Upon retirement, he once more took up his paints and then put them down again to take up a pen when faced with the financierisation of the visual arts.




About Book

Jackson Penn's complex upbringing prepares him for a range of experiences for which the description ‘character-building' would not do justice. Growing up in Hannibal, Missouri in the mid-nineteenth century with an abusive, habitually drunk father who failed to exploit the wealth he unexpectedly acquired, he is forced to establish his own path unguided and discover his own sexual identity. Intimate friendships with both sexes including with Dan, his friend's negro slave, are pursued across a background of racial and political tension as the abolitionist cause gains momentum and civil war looms. Jackson is forced to confront his native American roots as circumstances lead him to remain on the move. His journey brings him into contact with an eccentric militant preacher and an emerging literary figure while all the time the unpredictable, unfathomable, glacial qualities of this boy are evolving.



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