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It All Began in Warsaw

Gerard J Womack

At six years old, Annaliese joins the Russian Ballet School, leaving her family in Germany. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-074-2
Published : 28/06/2018
Pages : 377
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Gerard J Womack

Dr Gerard Womack has enjoyed a career as a nuclear scientist. In addition to his full time work he co-wrote a book on electro-chemistry and a book on the physics of the interaction of high temperature gases with magnetic fields. He also co-edited a book on engineering aspects of magnetohydrodynamics. He now lives in Worcestershire with his wife. It All Began in Warsaw is his first novel.


About Book

At six years old, Annaliese joins the Russian Ballet School, leaving her family in Germany. A few years later, English scientist Gabriel is recruited at Oxford as a ‘sleeper' for MI6.

As the Bolshoi Ballet's tour starts in Warsaw, so does the United Nations' International Conference on Energy. From this minor coincidence arises the romance between Anneliese and Gabriel. The secret services of both sides are quick to exploit the espionage advantages. 

As the Cold War moves towards its fourth decade, the main protagonists take drastic steps to defend themselves from each other's potential attack, using a network of spies to elicit information from each other and attempt to destroy the other's economy, while disarming in military terms. 

When the Berlin Wall comes down, Anneliese and Gabriel start to realise the consequences of their actions. Together, they tell their story of the parts they played in ending the Cold War.

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