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Invisible Truth

Afsaneh Abdoust

Invisible Truth is a story of love, loss, healing and belief. 


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ISBN : 978-1-80074-055-6
Published : 26/08/2021
Pages : 63
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Afsaneh Abdoust

I was born on January 29, 1977 in Tehran. After high school, I completed my master's degree in sociology. I got married and I have two children. I was active in the field of music and now I play Tonback professionally.
Previously had two books called The Mysterious Tree and The Tree Dream, published by Sokhan gostar, which was welcomed by readers and encouraged me to write the story of the Invisible Truth.


About Book

Invisible Truth is a story of love, loss, healing and belief. The young prince never expected to become so deeply intwined within himself and learn so much from a wise monkey, of all beings. After having a torturous upbringing that led him to resent his father, the prince went searching for something, although he did not know what it was he was looking for.

The prince was able to experience a life of excitement and beauty, but that didn't come without heart wrenching pain and grief. Despite having to experience darker emotions, the prince was able to find purpose, strength and faith.

‘There is no wound that cannot be healed.' This is an important message and reminder to all of us who may not see where else we can turn at times. There will always be brighter days and new experiences to be had, and you never know who may be waiting for you underneath the willow tree...

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