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In the Footsteps of Reivers

Brian Dingle

Seldom has an area of the British Isles been such a battleground over such a lengthy period of time.


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ISBN : 9781848977884
Published : 28/09/2017
Pages : 329
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Brian Dingle

Brian was born in Newcastle and raised in Northumberland, close to the Scottish border. He is descended, on his paternal grandmother's side, from the Elliots, a notable Reiving family.

Brian studied electronics at college in Newcastle before embarking on a career in industrial automation. For the last twenty years he has run his own company that supports the British dairy industry. He has worked as a semi-professional landscape photographer for the last ten years and regularly photographs in the English-Scottish border area.

Married to Teresa for over thirty years, they have two grown up children; they now live near Lanark in Scotland.


About Book

Seldom has an area of the British Isles been such a battleground over such a lengthy period of time. From when, in 1296, Edward I invaded Scotland to the union of the crowns in 1603 with the ascension of James I, the borders were left a wasteland. Set against this background of war between England and Scotland, the borderers themselves tried to survive; by raiding or reiving from over the borders and from their neighbours. As the raiding grew it forged men and women where might was right and their word was their bond.

The borderers knew they couldn't rely on either the English or Scottish governments or crowns, so they looked after their own, with the families banding together, the names prevalent in the borders of Armstrong, Bell, Elliot, Scott, Home, Kerr, Maxwell, Charlton, and Milburn.

The rise and end of the Border Reivers, their lifestyle, fortifications, abbeys and priories, the battles and the people and tales that took place during this time are what made the Reivers into the myths and legends in the borders. They added to the English language and gave some wonderful real life folk tales.

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