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Five Gifts Flourishing

Alan Forsyth

No one wants to say they wasted their life or led a life that was at best ordinary.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-765-9
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 110
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Alan Forsyth

With over thirty years of success in helping people and organisations to transform and achieve their purpose, Alan Forsyth is delighted to share his passion for transformation and learning with a broad audience. As a consultant, small business owner and teacher he worked with executives and leaders to achieve greater profitability. He helped transform many community organisations and has now founded and developed the sustainability of The Men of Leith Men's Shed, a charity dedicated to eliminating isolation for men in Edinburgh.
One look at the rich selection of creative and observational writing on his website, will convince you of his engaging style.

His pursuits in Scotland included performing with the Rock Choir, playing his African drum, travelling and developing friendships. A happily married man, he has now returned to Australia, his home and is enjoying being with his three grown sons, friends and colleagues once again. In addition to writing he intends to pursue charitable endeavours, making a contribution to reducing concerns facing young people.


About Book

No one wants to say they wasted their life or led a life that was at best ordinary. Five Gifts Flourishing is a unique book that allows you to discover your own gifts. When you fully realise these gifts, this will contribute to your meaning and accomplishment in life.

"Overall I loved the book and the stories were rich and so heartfelt. An amazing, creative and useful guide for individuals to find their meaning in life." Laura Hess. U.S.A

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