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Nigel Copley

Little Naomi Charles lives a happy life with her mum and dad and her dog and cat


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-650-8
Published : 30/07/2020
Pages : 126
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Nigel Copley

A son of the city of Sheffield in the north of England, N. J. Copley now lives in a small town with its own castle in East Anglia. It doesn't have as many big hills as Sheffield, but it does make riding a bike a lot easier.

Having read hundreds of bedtime stories to his small daughter, he decided that he ought to have a go at writing one himself. He did, and Fibsquiddler was born. The story then sat on the shelf to gather dust and his daughter got old enough to read her own bedtime stories.

Much later, he wondered if someone else might enjoy this story too. He hopes that you do.


About Book

Little Naomi Charles lives a happy life with her mum and dad and her dog and cat. She has a few good friends at school too. But there is one blot on her horizon and that is the unpleasant bully in her class, Caroline Garrett, a snobbish rich kid who picks on Naomi all the time.
One night, Naomi wakes up to find a curious little visitor stuck to her pillow. He is the Fibsquiddler, a small secretive creature who lives under the floorboards of her house.
The two develop a charming night-time friendship and Fibsquiddler ends up getting involved in her daytime struggles at school by accident, on a day when Caroline does something terrible to Naomi.
In this lovely tale of an unlikely friendship, we also see redemption and love, a beautiful little tale of victory and companionship.

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