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Falling into the Sky

Judith M. Santa

Jenna Sutton moves to Brooklyn and embarks on her new career as a financial analyst. 


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-662-1
Published : 27/08/2020
Pages : 315
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Judith M. Santa

Judith M. Santa, in Hungary known as Judit Szekeres, is the author of the successful novels, The Naked Truth and In the Shadow of the Past, immersed herself in the history of romantic literature in 2017. Her outspoken novels, fuelled by intense emotions, soon conquered the readership. Passion and love, woven through so many mysteries and intrigues, is the core of her works. It faithfully portrays the relationship nowadays between men and women, and addresses some of the social issues. She skilfully elaborates between romanticism and irony through twisted and sweeping formulas, which make the reading lively and impossible to put down.


About Book

Jenna Sutton moves to Brooklyn and embarks on her new career as a financial analyst. Following the break up from a long relationship, she is not ready for a new one and struggles to resist the affections of a handsome business consultant from Madrid called John Mark. He intrigues her and she is wooed by his persistence. They invoke a fiery passion in one another and so begins a journey that neither of them could imagine. John Mark takes her to Europe and draws her into his business deals as his sidekick, but not all is as it seems and he refuses to reveal the true nature of the deals with the wealthy clients. Can their love withstand the pressures surrounding them and can she reconcile her passion with her desire to become a successful author? She hopes that she has found The One... 
Both Jenna and John narrate the story of their love and adventures.


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