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Enough is Enough

Ruth Craig

How would you make Cody behave and do what he's told?




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ISBN : 978-1-83934-036-9
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 33
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Ruth Craig

Ruth Craig is a writer, artist and sculptor living near Hampstead Heath in London with her husband, four teenagers and three dogs. She has always adored dogs from afar and never dreamt she'd ever live with one pup when she grew up, let alone three!




About Book

'We must stop the barking it’s making life tough. We’ve decided together -enough is enough!' Loveable Cody is the cuddliest cockerpoo who just won't stop yapping. Will he ever learn some doggy manners?

Enough is Enough is for over-stretched parents looking to bring the magic back to bedtime routines. Easily memorized with a story to tell on every page, parents can juggle multiple kiddie tasks while stimulating their toddlers with the adorable adventures of Cody and his playful friends.

Children and parents alike will delight in this witty hand-illustrated, rhyming picture book about learning new skills, combating fear and making firm friendships. Drawing gentle parallels between dogs, humans and those things that keep us calm and content, your kids’ bedtime will never be such fun again.



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