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When life's journey leads you to a fork in the road, what do you do?


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-694-2
Published : 27/05/2021
Pages : 75
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers


I am a middle-aged female who grew up in a small country town in Australia. I have always loved reading and writing, often expressing myself by putting pen to paper.

We live in a world where so many problems in a household are concealed and, often, issues are swept under the carpet. As a partner, you think twice before you share details about your relationship/family with others, whether it's because of the embarrassment and shame that things aren't as perfect as you want them to be, or just plain denial that things aren't the way they should be.

Either way, I know that when I was at some of the lowest points in my life, reading the stories of people who had had similar experiences helped me immensely and gave me more clarity than most professionals did.

That is what I would like this book to be for someone else.


About Book

When life's journey leads you to a fork in the road, what do you do? It's all on you to make a choice. No matter how difficult that may be, you have to decide which way forward. The decision you make not only affects you but your whole family. Both paths are equally difficult. There will be consequences regardless of your choice and many difficult battles ahead both physically and emotionally. Maybe it is true... love just isn't enough!

This brave re-telling of one woman's love story and how quickly that love turned to control and manipulation and led her down a sad unhappy path. When this woman makes a choice to change things, never did she expect such severe consequences, ones that will affect her and her loved ones for the rest of their lives. Can she stick with the decision she has made and continue to fight the battles that lay ahead of her?

Can we all learn from her courageous choices and will the many people who unfortunately find resemblance in this story, follow a similar path or choose different options, which may lead to different consequences?

This story contains subjects which may cause distress to some readers.

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