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Eight Point Eight

Pam Fish

Eight point Eight is an exhilarating story based in Harrow, UK and Uttarkashi, India.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-827-4
Published : 29/10/2020
Pages : 232
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Pam Fish

Born in south London, now living in Peterborough. Three children from my first marriage and two more came into my life forty-four years ago when I married my present husband; giving me seven grandchildren and four delightful great-grandchildren.
I've been scribbling away since childhood, but now retired from twenty-one years as a photographer, I can concentrate fully on writing. Initially a photojournalist, I've a sound insight into real life dramas.


About Book

Eight point Eight is an exhilarating story based in Harrow, UK and Uttarkashi, India and tells the tale of two parts of the same family over a period of nineteen days, starting twenty days before Christmas. An unprecedented incident takes Tina Rhodes, mum of four grown up children, to India unprepared for what devastation she might find. The journey was like none she could have imagined, nor was ever likely to experience again. She had no idea what to expect when she eventually reached her destination, but she felt compelled to go there, to find her son Matt.
Matt was in India experiencing the terrors of being trapped in a disaster of catastrophic magnitude.
Andy, Tina's other son, travels to Athens to find his sister Sam, who yet again seems to have found herself in a situation that she hadn't thought through properly. 
Meanwhile, Penny, the eldest daughter, stays at home to hold the fort with her gran, Tina's mum, Mary; until Gran becomes ill with a cough and breathlessness and is rushed to hospital. 
As close as the family are, situations have led to them being separated unexpectedly. Will they all be able to make the Christmas party that Tina had planned for so long?



‘Pam Fish really knows how to keep a story moving, and in Eight point Eight she presents a panoramic background and lots of emotional punch. Jude Morgan, author of Passion and The Taste of Sorrow.'

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