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Does a Gaggle of Geese Giggle?

Julia Lynne Cothran

What do a gaggle of geese, a squad of squid, and a parade of penguins all have in common?


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-010-9
Published : 27/08/2020
Pages : 30
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Julia Lynne Cothran

Julia Lynne Cothran, who holds a master's degree in elementary education from Murray State University and a master's degree in principalship and supervision from Indiana State University, is a Kentucky retired teacher. She taught language arts for 28 years in the public school system. She has numerous memories and stories about teaching children from grades 2-8. This is her first book.

Leigh Ellen Stewart is an eclectic artist producing works of art with a wide range of subject matter, techniques and media. Spiritually blessed and inspired by family/friends, Leigh was first introduced to visual art at an early age pursuing a more formal education with degrees in Art Education from Western Kentucky University. Leigh has retired from a rewarding 33 year professional career in the public school system and from a small, family owned business that specialized in the advancement and works of local and regional artisans. Currently, Leigh focuses on creative time with family and studio works from home.


About Book

What do a gaggle of geese, a squad of squid, and a parade of penguins all have in common? They are collective nouns. This book uses poetry with emphasis on alliteration to represent collective nouns. The reader will learn different collective nouns as well as rhyme and rhythm. Children and adults will find the book interesting whether reading for fun or teaching these concepts.

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