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Dead or Alive Book One: The Beginning

Ted Oliver

Read this amazing and compelling true story of Ted Oliver, a man who really does live on the edge.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-361-3
Published : 25/02/2021
Pages : 245
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Ted Oliver

Ted Oliver wanted adventure. He wanted it so badly that he sold up a thriving UK business and started over in the USA. As a federal bounty hunter.

Over the next twenty-plus years, he brought in close to 48,000 ‘skips.' Some came quietly. Some wound up in body-bags. Oliver himself was shot, stabbed, beaten, kidnapped, and thrown into jails along the way.

Oliver's determination to become one of the best undercover federal recovery agents in the USA led him into America's dirtiest, darkest corners to pursue renegades who would rather die than surrender.
A 7th-degree black belt martial artist, Oliver is also an expert in firearms, unarmed combat, and wilderness survival. He is a trained sniper, mercenary, and an FBI contractor.


About Book

Read this amazing and compelling true story of Ted Oliver, a man who really does live on the edge.
Oliver has many skills, a trained sniper, extensive firearms training, a 7th Dan karate black belt, an expert in close-quarter combat, a licensed private investigator, an FBI contractor, and a federal recovery agent.

Who did look back and say, "I am glad I did it,"
Instead of saying like so many others, "I wish I had."

The United States has a strange system for keeping track of defendants accused of a crime, including violent crime. They release them back into the community under licence via a "bail bond," underwritten by an insurance company and a bail bond company and it's ‘BIG' business.
If the defendant "skips" bail, then the bail bond company has no alternative than to bring in the services of a fugitive Recovery Agent, more commonly known as a Bounty Hunter.

Oliver has been kidnapped, tortured, shot, stabbed, beaten up, and thrown into jail many times, with 48,000 skips brought in, many wounded. He once stated that he found it very enjoyable shooting bad people. Over fourteen shot dead. However, that was their choice, ‘Dead or Alive.'

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