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David Giotto's Conundrum

Paul Minza

David Giotto has problems - serious ones.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-087-2
Published : 26/04/2018
Pages : 334
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Paul Minza

Born in Adelaide, I moved to Brisbane when I was six. I attended art college and gained a Bachelor of Art. I worked at The Sydney Opera House and studied for a Graduate Diploma in Communication at UTS. After that, I completed a Masters in Journalism. I lived in London and France and travelled to India, Japan, The Czech Republic, Scotland and Indonesia. I was a masseur, a cabbie, a carer and a darkroom assistant. It was in a dark room, during long nights of insomnia, that the idea for this book emerged.


About Book

David Giotto has problems - serious ones. It's not just that he has woken up in the psychiatric ward after a failed suicide attempt. He has problems with his extraordinary enemies - and friends. From the menacing and peculiar "Rigel street psychopath" who regularly appears in David's garden, accompanied by his Rottweiler, to the steely and urbane English spymaster, Donald Lindsay. From the flaxen-haired Frenchwoman, Sylvie Roulette, to the cruel and narcissistic crime lord who is her father, Enzo Patrizi, Giotto's world is inhabitated by a larger-than-life cast of characters who seem only occasionally to be attentive to his needs and well-being. How real is Giotto's improbable universe, and what is its relation to his apparently placid life as an unemployed householder at 9 Bell Street? The answers to this and other questions explode across the hallucinatory, shocking, and often hilarious pages of David Giotto's Conundrum.

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