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Dancing with Butterflies

Brittany Williamson

Grace entertains forest friends and is beloved by the King and Queen.


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-079-6
Published : 26/08/2021
Pages : 33
Size : 156x156
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Brittany Williamson

Brittany lives in Jacksonville, FL and has traveled extensively. Throughout her life she's always seen a world where things are not always as they are but rather as they could be if one simply lived with a little extra curiosity, courage, whimsy and persistence. In 1999, the Walt Disney Company even recognized Brittany as a distinguished ‘Dreamer and Doer'. Whether it's traveling the world, pursuing higher education, co-founding a nonprofit or writing this debut children's book, she never stops dreaming up new adventures to conquer. Brittany earned her masters degree in mental health counseling and works primarily with children and families. The dream nearest to her heart is to help as many children as she can find healing, purpose, hope and, of course, whimsy in their own lives.

For more information on Williamson Wishes, the Nonprofit Brittany and her siblings founded on behalf of widowers and their young children, please visit


About Book

Grace entertains forest friends and is beloved by the King and Queen. She lives out colorful adventures on land, sky and sea... until one day something terrible happens. Will this change be the end of her adventures? Or can the warmest of memories help her dance through the darkness and back into her world of light and wonder?



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