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Daddy's OK

Jamie Alvey

Jamie has recently become a father of a handsome little boy named Stark. 


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ISBN : 978-1-83934-023-9
Published : 28/01/2021
Pages : 24
Size : 156x156
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Jamie Alvey

Monday to Friday Jamie Alvey is a factory manager in the stone masonry business manufacturing solid stone worksurfaces, on his weekends he likes to relax and unwind by working as a tattoo artist. what little time he has left he dedicates to his two year old son, Stark Michael Steven Alvey, and his partner, Sally. Jamie enjoys being creative and the freedom it provides.


About Book

Jamie has recently become a father of a handsome little boy named Stark. A father who works seven days a week, and works to his bodies limits daily to provide for his family, but the harsh reality is, a father cannot escape the thought of bills, his family's wellbeing, debt and sometimes the daily problems at work. Living with these constant struggles the father sometimes can become distant, living in his own head. This can lead to missing out on the small things in life, things as simple as a cuddle, smile or kiss good night. Things that should never be forgotten or brushed aside and should be taken full advantage of. Can a father learn to process the troubled thoughts properly and get back in control of his life? Can he finally say with a smile on his face in absolute truth...? Daddy's OK?

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