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Colors of the World: Adventures

Heather Wenonah Ellis

Can she and her companions save the Five Realms?


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-119-0
Published : 31/05/2018
Pages : 221
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Heather Wenonah Ellis

Heather Wenonah Ellis grew up in a household filled with fairy tales and fantastical stories. Her love for reading and working with children led her down a path as a National Board Certified Teacher, educating students with special needs. She took stories and brought them to life by recreating scenes from books, engrossing the students into the story. Her creative spirit journeyed her to Africa where she worked with students on literacy projects for the community. This built a bridge for her to venture out and write an absorbing and imaginative fantasy fiction, Colors of the World: Adventures.


About Book

The Aurora Lights Festival is in full swing when a joker appears before the king and queen. However, his true, dark self is hiding in the shadows.

The Princess Abagael is replaced with a changeling that night and a priceless heirloom, the Monarchton, is stolen. Lord Fetch intends to use both to rule the Five Realms.

Queen Abariah learns that it will cost her life to prevent Fetch from fulfilling his ambition. Meantime, Abagael grows up in an orphanage. With her adopted brother, she starts to live a normal life - but what is the face, the shadow that haunts her?

Shammah, an eight-foot butterfly, explains Abagael's destiny. With full access to the space-time continuum, only she can rightfully claim the gift of controlling the Monarchton. With her regained childhood friend Gormlaith, she sets out on a fantastic quest to recover it. Can she and her companions save the Five Realms?

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