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Coconut Harvest (E-Book)

Graham Wilson



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ISBN : 978 1 84897 307 7
Published : 15/01/2014
Pages : 153
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : OlympiaPublishers

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson was born in 1943 in Derbyshire, the son of a regular soldier; a Grenadier Guard.

After a grammar school education, he moved to Surrey where he still resides. The area provided facilities for rugby, tennis and golf – an important part of his life.

Graham qualified as an accountant in 1970, having started in the profession at the age of sixteen. He has always pursued the discipline having worked in the industry since 1975 for himself.

Divorced, with a thirty year old son, he continues to live an active life.


About Book

Brothers Ben and Tom Wilde are very close in age and always look out for one another. However, the arrival of Simon, a younger brother who has suffered complications at birth, brings about enormous change in two boys’ lives.

With much of their parents’ time and attention now understandably focused on Simon, the brothers must learn to make the best of their situation.

After an initial period of uncertainty, they befriend next-door neighbour and decorated World War Two veteran Captain Cokran. In turn, he challenges their way of thinking, and helps them come to terms with and accept their younger brother for who he is.

Culminating with a thrilling climax, The Coconut Harvest is a tale of childhood, parenthood, adventure, and growing up – enjoyable for children and adults alike.

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