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  • A Pure Land

    Alice has had enough. There is nothing left for her here. The only hope she has is of making a new life in a new land. This new land is a war torn region

  • Boomerang Squadron

    Finding himself pitched into aerial warfare at the height of World War Two, Flight Lieutenant Benjamin ‘Pits' McShane, in coming to play his part in the defence of Great

  • Fearless Warrior

    Nepal is an agriculturally orientated country producing jute and rice, and one other attribute... the Gurkha. These fearless and loyal soldiers who have remained a key element of t

  • Ghost Of A Guttersnipe

    When a swastika-bearing bottle washes ashore in Long Island New York during 1940, a Jesuit priest finds it and returns it unopened to the Atlantic.

  • Rhys's War

    It is 1916, two years after he volunteered for the mud and the mayhem of the Western Front, and the last thing Rhys Evans expects is to get his old job back. 

  • The Hetherington Women Part 1

    Set in nineteenth century America and spanning the Northern and Southern States, this is the story of five women whose lives become inextricably linked by their association with on

  • The Hetherington Women Part 2

    A year after the war has ended, major reconstruction is being undertaken throughout the country in an effort to restore the damage wrought by years of bitter conflict.

  • This is the Start of My Story

    Ray is an ordinary man in his mid-forties, leading an ordinary life with an ordinary family until extraordinary events thrust him into a world of turmoil, that threatens his family

  • Travellers Of The Fog

    Set after the Iranian Revolution and throughout the Iran-Iraq eight-war, Travellers of the Fog is a tale of revolution, political betrayal and heartbreak.