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  • A Question Of Taste

    The UK Government faces a dilemma. BSE and CJD have resulted in every European Union member state banning each other's produce.

  • A Can Of Worms

    The best assassin on the globe is British, female and about to undertake her most challenging mission. Amanda De Villiers has been killing people for years, mostly under the cov

  • A Defalgo Tufferdenn Story

    Defalgo Tufferdenn is a twenty-something ex-gang member turned aspiring writer who turns his life around, albeit through the dubious means of blackmailing his boss.

  • Absolution

    Small town life with seemingly normal people going about their daily routine with influence from the catholic church over the community... just to keep things on the straight and n

  • Dirty Diana

    Born to a drunken, prostitute mother, Diana didn't have the best start in life. She is abused from a young age by the men her mother takes up with, one of whom gives her the na

  • E-Virus: The Diary Of A Modern Day Girl

    When the Bubonic Plague hit Europe, disaster struck, but at least civilisation pulled through. When the victims of the 1918 influenza epidemic died, at least they stayed dead.

  • Leanne

    A young, British couple, Leanne and Peter, have grown bored with their lives in London. Throwing caution to the wind, they embark on a life in deepest France.

  • Ring Of Steel

    In continuity with his previous books, Keith Salmon once again delights us with a fast and topical, politically influenced novel themed in the underworld of money laundering, inter

  • Ruby's Palace

    The Vincents' nightclubs are popping up all over London. The O'Connells, a gypsy family, plan to get their hands on the Palaces, but gypsies have no place in busine