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  • Parables: The Greatest Stories Ever Told - Retold

    Parables: The Greatest Stories Ever Told - Retold focuses on the better known of Jesus' parables and rewrites them as situations in modern life which correspond to the sit

  • Born Again Atheist

    When people are prepared to die for their faith, nobody ever questioned it. Everybody has faith. With millions of belivers the world over, can they all be wrong?  

  • Collide

    This must be a dream after all. I pinch myself. "Ouch." Why the hell aren't I waking up?

  • Coming To A Head

    When everything around him began to crumble four years ago, starting with his health, Lonny Carey found himself on the ride of his life that nearly ruined his career, his marriage

  • Forgive to be Forgiven

    Forgive To Be Forgiven follows a young woman named Terry, as she goes through the heartbreak of her first serious relationship dissolving. Instead of studying Medicine in Jama

  • How To Win The Heart Of A Schizophrenic

    Michael Nevill is seventy-one years of age and very happy with the way his life has proceeded.  A happy man, he looks forward with the blessed hope of life for ever and ever i

  • Living in Crucial Times

    From the outset we are regaled with the twenty-first century disease of terrorism, right up to date with IS. The impact that this has with Western lifestyle and the falling standar

  • No Hope, Dear Pope

    No Hope, Dear Pope - Clericalificatio, the author makes a strong case against the power of the Vatican and the way the Catholic Church has distorted the teachings of Jesus Christ w

  • Religious Myths

    This book is a hard-hitting critique of the accounts and stories in the old and new testaments. It is controversial, hopefully stimulating and influential - even persuasive. The pi