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  • A Life in Poetry

    A Life in Poetry covers a wide range of emotions and passions, described to us with beautiful elegance. Spanning a rich and varied life, Jane Willis uses poetry to convey her

  • A Lover's Will

    Poet Mahiraj Jadeja has a new collection of 50 poems entitled A Lover's Will. The work covers all aspects of love...

  • A Womans Reflections in Poetry

    This is a collection of poems about family and relationships, holidays, ordinary life, and present-day issues such as environmental destruction and terrorism, written with convicti

  • Along The Way: A Poetry Collection

    Along the Way is an assorted collection of sixty-six, gently rhyming poems. Each one contributes to subjects as diverse as the seasons, nature, childhood memories and love.

  • Around Every Corner

    In Around Every Corner: A Poetry Collection, author and retired businesswoman Jean Haycock has produced a heart-warming collection of around sixty poems. 

  • Creative First Writings

    It’ll do to just do it Don’t even think about it Just do it You can’t even talk about it Just do it Don’t dare sleep on it Just do it I

  • Fragrance of Love

    The sixty ‘kurine’ poems included in “Fragrance of Love” cover a wide range of topics including love, life, society, spirituality, philosophy and many to de

  • From Darkness Into Light

    ‘Knowledge is unlimited. Even a lifetime is not enough for it.' Quotes, 22. Beginning with a rich collection of poetry - from powerful, heart-wrenching poems like 'My

  • Has Anyone Seen Sydney?

    Has Anyone Seen Sydney? is an A to Z guide to creatures you may find at the bottom of your garden.