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  • Colossuses

    Nazif Saraçi is a graduate of both Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, and has worked as an engineer in the automatisation of power plant systems. He is the author of

  • Born Again Atheist

    When people are prepared to die for their faith, nobody ever questioned it. Everybody has faith. With millions of belivers the world over, can they all be wrong?  

  • Day-to-Day Happiness

    Beau Bridgland is a young, English voice actor for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. Despite having a very happy childhood, during his time at university he

  • Do It! Beat Depression

    Depression is rarely talked about. The sufferer is usually quiet, tells nobody about the moods experienced and suffers the disorder alone. But you don't have to. This book disc

  • I Challenge!

    Where did we come from, and what is our destiny? What happened before the "Big Bang"? Is there a God? What is the real history of mankind on earth? 

  • No Hope, Dear Pope

    No Hope, Dear Pope - Clericalificatio, the author makes a strong case against the power of the Vatican and the way the Catholic Church has distorted the teachings of Jesus Christ w

  • Pigs Of The Fields Homo Insapiens

    In this book, Michael Elton first gives a dramatic account of the sometimes horrifying depths of his unconscious mind. These emerged into consciousness during a quite exceptional p

  • The Deified Self

    Author James McFarlane takes the reader through some fascinating though challenging philosophical discourse in his development of the notion of The Deified Self.

  • The Lies Of An Honest Man

    Tony Okonmah's book is an updated version of his original book The Lies of Honest Men and is an essential read for people desiring freedom of soul, body and spirit.