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  • A Job Worth Doing

    The prospect of living and working in a residential care home does not enthuse the outsider, yet Jackie Venables writes a very entertaining story based on her experiences.

  • A Limey From Lyme

    A Limey from Lyme follows boatman Glen Herbert's travels, mainly around the Americas. 

  • All We Had In Common

    The bonds we forge in life can sometimes surprise us. The closeness which can develop between two people who, on the surface, appear too different or too distant can turn into some

  • Bipolar Bared

    Alan Baxter is an Essex guy through and through, a successful teacher who lives day to day life with Bipolar affective disorder. He has a loving wife and parents who stand by him,

  • Day-to-Day Happiness

    Beau Bridgland is a young, English voice actor for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. Despite having a very happy childhood, during his time at university he

  • Forty Shades Of Green

    Embarking on an organised Music Tour of Ireland, Stephanie Kiddar, hailing from Australia (yet born in Jamaica), garnishes the delights of this colourful country by way of her pass

  • Kerbside Tales

    Traffic accidents can happen within sight of your own home, but must breakdowns always seem to happen somewhere you can't find on a map?

  • Life Is A Fatal Illness

    Geoffrey Douglas was born in London in 1945 but lived most of his life in Africa. He studied medicine at Oriel College, Oxford, where he met and married Penny. 

  • On Wheels, On Foot and On Crutches

    The mere thought of traversing any part of the African continent in a Land Rover with only two other companions is a daunting proposition... that is until the Indiana Jones element