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  • A Night At The Tooth Fairies Factory

    Zac, a young boy of seven, has his first tooth fall out. He is not sure whether he wants the tooth fairies to have it, so hides it in his hand at night. .

  • 11 Short Stories

    Can a random encounter with a pair of clear blue eyes on a winter's morning lead to love?

  • A Job Worth Doing

    The prospect of living and working in a residential care home does not enthuse the outsider, yet Jackie Venables writes a very entertaining story based on her experiences.

  • Duckling's Adventures

    Jimmy the duckling, along with his friends Jonny and Jeffrey, loves to play and have adventures.

  • Eco Island

    Daniel Trooks, is a twenty-nine-year old employee of trendy popular entrepreneur Sir Miles Value. Self-centred, lazy, manipulative, good-for-nothing husband and a father of two.

  • Family Time

    Family Time is an endearing collection of stories detailing the fun and laughter children have on a day-to-day basis.

  • The Carnival Of Fireflies

    A wonderfully evocative tale of coming of age in Northern Italy. Set in the beautiful countryside of Liguria, the author Max Capponi describes in loving and often hair-raising deta

  • The Monaco Factor

    After breaking up with Richard, her wealthy boyfriend, ex-model Adriana sets upon the course to find a new suitor to replace him once and for all. 

  • The Steps Of Life

    As the author says at the beginning of this book, the main criteria for reading it is that you must be male - preferably straight and male.