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  • Castle Of Doom

    Ten friends go to an ancient castle in PixiDoomland, unaware of the dangers that lie within.

  • Deadly Possession

    Nic Nieman's new novel is set at a remote Hotel, which nestles deep in a dense forest in the Eastern Transvaal. The story opens with a lone female driving along the narrow fore

  • E-Virus: The Diary Of A Modern Day Girl

    When the Bubonic Plague hit Europe, disaster struck, but at least civilisation pulled through. When the victims of the 1918 influenza epidemic died, at least they stayed dead.

  • Out There!

    They are 'out there', they're coming.

  • The Curse Of Bernadette

    Bernadette's seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband leaves her. Just as she's getting back on her feet, fate deals her a cruel blow: she's brutally murder

  • This is the Start of My Story

    Ray is an ordinary man in his mid-forties, leading an ordinary life with an ordinary family until extraordinary events thrust him into a world of turmoil, that threatens his family

  • Tour Of The Shadow World

    This spine-chilling collection of horror stories is bound to keep you awake at night. From contemporary psychological tales to cutting-edge terror fiction