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  • Maranatha

    Sarah is in a loveless marriage with an apathetic husband and grown up children. Diagnosed as having a life threatening illness, she is shocked at the coldness of her family’

  • A Small Price To Pay, Sir?

    Josh Tolson, younger son of Walter Tolson the car manufacturer, is talked into a risky enterprise by Jane, his ex-fiancé, just at the time when he's trying to track down

  • A Year at Animal Academy

    The Academy is set on an island in a lake, somewhere in Canada, and is run mainly by owls. It is a benign regime (not a dystopia like Animal Farm) under the kindly, wise and newly-

  • Ah, Feck It

    Meet Jess. Married to Pete, mother to five year old Davina, rather partial to a glass of wine, not really much of a clue about what to do with herself now her daughter is at school

  • An Innocent Killing

    Mike Humphrey's new novel concerns two survivors of a plane crash in the Alaskan Wilderness, their changing relationship and struggle to survive and ultimately return to civili

  • Arturo's Chair

    Yvette, Matt and Holly have a lot going for them - true friendship, looks, satisfying jobs, a flat in the centre of Paris. 

  • Battered Roses

    A heart-rending collection of tales of domestic violence, linked by a narrative focusing on events in Nigeria in the 1980s.

  • Best Foot Forward, Ellingham

    Joshua Tolson, son of Walter Tolson the car manufacturer, is once again persuaded to invest in a risky enterprise, this time by his friend Spotty, in the USA.

  • Blackholes And Bayonets

    Could you, a late twentieth century man, survive the trenches of the First World War?   He now divides his time between Cornwall, Portugal and Greece.