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  • The Emmerson Witches

    The Island of Americus has always been a haven for unusual individuals… and those with unorthodox beliefs. 

  • Blood Warrior and the Three Weapons of Darkness

    Earth's strongest warrior is ready to stand up and embrace his destiny. Join Blood Warrior in his journey of bloodshed, sacrifice, heartbreak and pain.

  • Diamonds And Worm Crust Pies

    Janet Ellis is a teacher who has always loved the countryside and animals. She was inspired by the surroundings she lives in and the animals she owns.    

  • Elementals

    Evelyn Harp is more powerful than you could possibly believe. She has the ability to control soil, plants, trees and flowers - with her best friend, Luke being the only one who

  • Glue Gob

    "He's not like a normal boy." When Jordan Godbold sets off into town he is a boy with a mission.

  • Leah: A Seer's Legend

    Leah, a slightly built 22-year-old is a fighter; the best in The Realm. Sent to live in an institution by her parents who thought her insane, because of the creatures she insisted

  • Legends Of Erin: Beyond The Castle Door

    Having spent an ordinary life with their parents in a small house, twins, Fadin and Tase, together with their elder brother Clearie, suddenly find themselves catapulted into quite

  • Legends Of Erin: Towards The Restless Winds

    After suffering the loss of their father and moving into their aunts' mysterious Irish Castle, twins, Fadin and Tase, find themselves thrust into a magical world.

  • Martha And Amber's Magical Adventure

    Whisked away to an extraordinary new world, two young sisters, Martha and Amber must bravely venture into the mystical unknown to find their way home.