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  • A Creative Killer

    Daniel and Adeila, a young couple from London, decide to travel to Snakeland with their baby boy, Abigayle, to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary

    Paperback | eBook
  • A Rest for Lucy

    Lucy has been murdered and buried in the cellar. When the Shamiry family move into Lucy's house, she decides not to drive them out like earlier buyers, but instead befrien

    Paperback | eBook
  • All in the Mind

    Mental health problems can take many forms, have many origins and many consequences. 

    Paperback | eBook
  • David Giotto's Conundrum

    David Giotto has problems - serious ones.

    Paperback | eBook
  • Death Rate

    The Spanish police in the person of Comisario Emilio Sabell is faced with an onerous task when he finds himself in charge of a murder investigation centred on a holiday complex hou

  • False Pretences

    Sarah Logan a successful marketing executive (at a leading London advertising agency) feel happy with her home, her shoes, her loving partner, Andy, her shoes, shopping with her be

    Paperback | eBook
  • From Shadows... To A Darker Place

    Detective Inspector Frank Crosby has been retired for over three years - a direct result of the bloody and violent events that took place at Sixfields and Dryffed's F

    Paperback | eBook
  • Oh My Atrium

    Bulgaria, June 2003. One year after leaving unexpectedly, Zora comes back home with the ambitious project to turn the family mansion into a rest home.

  • Ruby's Palace

    The Vincents' nightclubs are popping up all over London. The O'Connells, a gypsy family, plan to get their hands on the Palaces, but gypsies have no place in busine

    Paperback | eBook
  • Ruthless

    1964 - London  Dolly Vincent is born to an East End gangster but is sent away for her own protection. Mad Mick is hell bent on his revenge and will stop at nothing to kill h

    Paperback | eBook
  • Shanfield

    Ravenderhill is a poor suburb of Cape Town, populated by villains, thieves and drug pushers. When a red Lamborghini Diablo arrives in their midst, plots are formed to get their han

    Paperback | eBook
  • State of Mind

    "This world was supposed to be our playground. That's it. Anything beyond that is insane to even think of."

    Paperback | eBook
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