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  • Death Rate

    The Spanish police in the person of Comisario Emilio Sabell is faced with an onerous task when he finds himself in charge of a murder investigation centred on a holiday complex hou

  • From Shadows... To A Darker Place

    Detective Inspector Frank Crosby has been retired for over three years - a direct result of the bloody and violent events that took place at Sixfields and Dryffed's F

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  • Shanfield

    Ravenderhill is a poor suburb of Cape Town, populated by villains, thieves and drug pushers. When a red Lamborghini Diablo arrives in their midst, plots are formed to get their han

    Paperback | eBook
  • Testament

    Parish priest, Father Oliver, gets involved again in a complex situation when one of his parishioners witnesses an incident involving an eminent scientist.

    Paperback | eBook
  • The Execution Of William Bousfield

    M.L Bousfield shares with us the facts and evidence surrounding the hanging of William Bousfield in the mid-nineteenth century. 

    Paperback | eBook
  • The Poisoner

    Joshua Chavender takes up his new post as Detective Chief Inspector of the Middleshire Constabulary, moving his wife and four daughters with him. 

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  • The Ravensdale Conspiracy

    John Mullen was born in Dundalk, Ireland, and now lives in the south of Spain.

    Paperback | eBook
  • The Scottish Cockney

    Jack’s story begins in 1920 in the London distracts of Peckham, Deptford, and Greenwich, enjoying life as a Cockney Lad in pre-war London, unaware that the years ahead would

    Paperback | eBook
  • Try Less Over School Girl

    For a debut novel, Graham Redman uses the wording as the ‘ hook' in this cleverly written tale of detective work. By its nature the wording, Try Less Over Schoolgirl asks

    Paperback | eBook