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Children's Fiction

  • A Life Story

    A Life Story tells the tale of Helen, from her early childhood until the end of her life. Using the example of Helen's story - her parents tragically dying in a car crash

  • Billy's Search for the Healing Well

    When young Billy wakes up feeling seasick on a ship in the middle of the sea, he is at a loss to know what has happened. Slowly the memory comes back into his mind, of him running

  • Bogflushers

    Maisie and her friends are moving up to secondary school, each with their own hopes and fears. Do they really get flushed head-first down the toilets?

  • Bramblehill and the Corridors of Protection

    Man’s dream of vocal communication with the animal world will always be a source of material for a good fireside read and this is no exception

  • Castle Of Doom: Your Brain Is My Birthstone

    The Castle of Doom is a place of horror. Filled with ghosts, devils, witches, and the evil King Might Minister II who is searching for the brains of young girls, it is a place to b

  • Diamonds And Worm Crust Pies

    Janet Ellis is a teacher who has always loved the countryside and animals. She was inspired by the surroundings she lives in and the animals she owns.    

  • Duckling's Adventures

    Jimmy the duckling, along with his friends Jonny and Jeffrey, loves to play and have adventures.

  • Elmo's Christmas Tail

    Elmo's Christmas Tail is an enchanting children's story, based around the magic of Christmas. With beautifully illustrated pictures, it is the perfect Christmas read f

  • Family Time

    Family Time is an endearing collection of stories detailing the fun and laughter children have on a day-to-day basis.