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  • A Survivor of Love

    The power of love never fails... An inspirational story of light breaking through the darkness...

  • Bipolar Bared

    Alan Baxter is an Essex guy through and through, a successful teacher who lives day to day life with Bipolar affective disorder. He has a loving wife and parents who stand by him,

  • Dunpeckham

    Johnny Mack was born in Peckham, South-East London an only child to loving but strict parents. Although a bright and shrewd boy, he did not enjoy school - and school did not really

  • Forgive And Be Free

    From a poverty-stricken childhood in a small African village to living in Wales, Beatrice Ngaya's faith has sustained her through many troubles.

  • How To Win The Heart Of A Schizophrenic

    Michael Nevill is seventy-one years of age and very happy with the way his life has proceeded.  A happy man, he looks forward with the blessed hope of life for ever and ever i

  • Journey of a Tamarind Seed

    A young girl, named Lilia, is sent to live with her grandparents in Jamaica, temporarily, after her mother's marriage. She was then taken to America by her mother.

  • Mientje

    This is a story set in World War Two, in Nazi-occupied Holland, recorded by a little girl called Mientje.

  • My Journey There

    I came from the back streets of South London, and I was a computer programmer by profession, until I committed homicide at the age of thirty-two. 

  • My Noble Beginning

    The very idea of writing your biography would seem to be a bit daunting at first. There is no plot, no hero or heroine, just you, the main character, as the artist's brush to p