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  • The Emmerson Witches

    The Island of Americus has always been a haven for unusual individuals… and those with unorthodox beliefs. 

  • Blackholes And Bayonets

    Could you, a late twentieth century man, survive the trenches of the First World War?   He now divides his time between Cornwall, Portugal and Greece.

  • Collide

    This must be a dream after all. I pinch myself. "Ouch." Why the hell aren't I waking up?

  • Martha And Amber's Magical Adventure

    Whisked away to an extraordinary new world, two young sisters, Martha and Amber must bravely venture into the mystical unknown to find their way home.

  • My Road To Immortality

    Andreea Paisa was born in 1992 in Brasov, Romania, a beautiful city located in Transylvania. She graduated from the Grigore Moisil Computer Science National College in 2011, and in

  • Operation Dynamo

    Operation Dynamo is the sequel to Operation Pied Piper, which covered the events involving four evacuees at the start of World War II.

  • Sailing to Purgatory

    The final voyage, a singlehander's farewell to the sea, began well. The yacht was strong and fast, his ocean-going experience vast. 

  • The Hendeca Association

    Hugh Willowbrook was born in a small village on the edge of the Peak District and spent his childhood there. Leaving school at fifteen, with no qualifications, Hugh decided to join

  • The Life and Times of His Lord and Ladyship

    Timothy, teenage son of His Lord and Ladyship, won't eat anything but chips. One day, following his mother's warning, he turns into one!