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Breathtaking Adventures In Russia

Tonu Remma

It was August 1981, and Tonu was about to embark on another journey across the Soviet empire.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-469-6
Published : 30/07/2020
Pages : 170
Size : 205x140
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Tonu Remma

Quite a large part of my life was spent under Soviet occupation (1944 to 1991). I graduated from Tallinn Second Maritime College with the qualification of deck officer, yet my career on sea remained short-lived. The KGB abruptly finished it, for my father had been a senior police officer in the Republic of Estonia. That was considered to be a serious crime by the Kremlin. Later, I studied at Tartu University, acquiring a master's degree in English philology. I worked for forty years as a teacher of English, mostly at university level, and also in language teaching companies. I have always adored travelling. As the free world was, for me, banned forever by the KGB then I began travelling inside the Red Empire. I have travelled all across the vast territory of the Soviet Union, far and wide, from the north to the south and from the west to the east. Regularly. Frequently. And, as a result, I have developed a deep insight into the practical side of the Soviet lifestyle.


About Book

It was August 1981, and Tonu was about to embark on another journey across the Soviet empire. He loved to travel but he had been permanently denied permission outside the Soviet empire when his father, a policeman in Estonia, joined the resistance against the Soviet second take over in 1944 and the KGB labelled the whole family as untrustworthy which meant repressions and restrictions for them all.
Would Tonu ever experience life outside these borders?
Join Tonu as he travels by plane, and train throughout the Soviet empire and explains what life is really like for those who live there. Discover that the world foreigners see is entirely different from the common people. To keep this separation, the government applies brutal force and crafty deception to keep up the charade.
Four years later and another journey starts.
From Domodedovo to Kamtchatka, Novosibirsk to Uzbekistan. Will Tonu complete his journeys unscathed?

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