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Blast from the Past

S M Rush

A story of obsession, loss, survival and self-preservation


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-508-2
Published : 29/10/2020
Pages : 325
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

S M Rush

S M Rush was born and raised in Lincolnshire where she lives with her partner and her second love - motorcycles.

As a journalist, she wrote her first feature in 1997, best known for writing features for women's glossies, also for her profiles on sports personalities and celebrities from stage, screen and television.

Blast from the Past is her first action-packed military fiction novel.


About Book

A story of obsession, loss, survival and self-preservation

Kieran O'Neill, a young British soldier, experiences the terror of blood-and-guts where killing was part of everyday life in the harsh wastelands of Afghanistan. Risks were high... often undermanned and outgunned, the men faced unrelenting attacks and blistering heat.

Surviving became the biggest challenge of all... that was just the beginning...

* * *

Sophie had worked tirelessly to put her unsettled past behind her, escaping her old life meant leaving everything and everyone she loved behind. Despite everything, she's living the life she'd worked so hard to achieve.

When the military locates her with a life-threatening request, she's fearful her past is about to be exposed.

Kieran's spent ten years trying to track her down, he'd tried hard to put the past behind him; but there's no forgetting her.

Two people with a past - can they save each other?

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