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Aunt Adelaide of Highgate Cemetery

Mary Briggs

Mary was an army trained nurse who later specialised in cancer, hospice and community care. She lost her only son, as a teenager, to Hodgkin's Disease. She lost her parents together when she was eighteen, which led to her interest in bereavement is


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ISBN : 978-1-84897-782-2
Published : 25/05/2017
Pages : 82
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Mary Briggs

Sir Percival Potts has always been a hero of the author because he was the first doctor to identify a cause of cancer in young people, as an industrial disease.

Mary currently lives in East Devon.  


About Book

Mary Briggs could remember Aunt Adelaide from her presence at childhood family gatherings, a quiet, solitary lady who seemed to be enveloped by a deep sadness. She knew that when Aunt Adelaide passed away in her fifties, she was buried in London's famous Highgate Cemetery.

As an adult Mary undertook to find her neglected grave in the cemetery and visit it. Meanwhile, with the help of her aunt's ghost, the author tells the story of Adelaide's life, from her happy childhood at the beginning of the twentieth century to her abrupt departure as a love struck young woman from her family home, which led to a life of poverty and loss.

Mary Briggs' latest novel is a tale of love between the two World Wars that ended in tragedy and a deep sorrow that even the eventual reunion with her family cannot heal.

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