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Armstrong's Army

George Fairbrother

The summer of 1984 is eventful, to say the least, in British politics.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-319-4
Published : 30/01/2020
Pages : 362
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

George Fairbrother

George Fairbrother held a variety of jobs before turning his hand to writing. His interest in politics and history was inspired, from afar, by the works of Alan Bleasdale, Peter Flannery, Ken Loach and many others.

When not working at the computer, he enjoys spending time outdoors, organic gardening, cooking, walking, listening to Status Quo, and reading Patrick O'Brian.


About Book

The summer of 1984 is eventful, to say the least, in British politics. Riots, bombings and the murder of a police officer have all occurred. Besides, the miners' strike is in progress, policed (or aggravated) by the special unit dubbed ‘Armstrong's Army'.

The strike affects the whole nation. The murder of a taxi driver and an undercover Special Branch agent; police informants infiltrating the miners' pickets. Numerous claims are being made of police corruption and crime.

Home Secretary, Sir Norman Armstrong and his old friend; outspoken, left wing commentator Alf Burton, find themselves entrenched on opposite sides of this increasingly bitter and deadly fight. Can their decades-old friendship survive?

Meanwhile, what of the papers lost years ago, with the sinking of the Lady Georgiana? Alf Burton uncovers increasingly disturbing links to the current day, and finds Sir Norman's own family heavily implicated. What was the secret they concealed?

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