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An Tánaiste - The Heir

John Michael Doyle

Two thrones, one heir, a thousand enemies.


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ISBN : 9781848978379
Published : 30/11/2017
Pages : 579
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

John Michael Doyle

John Michael Doyle (BA Hons. IEng, MIED)  was born in Beaufort County Kerry, the son of an Irish father and English mother and lived there until moving to England at the age of 17. He worked in the engineering industry, mainly in aerospace, and served three years in the British Army. In 1988, the author graduated from the Open University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and achieved BA (Honours) three years later. He then joined the staff of The Institution of Engineering Designers with responsibility for Continuing Professional Development.

In 1998, John was appointed as Associate Lecturer at The Open University in the field of Professional and Career Development in Engineering. In 2005, the author retired but continued to work for the OU in a consultancy capacity. John has always had an interest in history and hobbies, which now include writing, walking and photography.

The author is married to Shireen and has one daughter, two granddaughters and a dog.


About Book

Two thrones, one heir, a thousand enemies.

1067 AD. The Norman conquerors have reached the Saxon village.

The aged priest is wracked with pain, the relics of wounds sustained in too many battles fought.

He has come to the Saxon village for no other purpose than to tend his wife's grave and to die close to her, but even here there can be no escape from his turbulent past.

Born an Irish prince, and once a warrior himself, he guards a secret that, if revealed, spells death.

He has distinguished himself in battle against the fearsome Norsemen in Erin and in Wessex. Now, his last great battle has been fought and won, but the High King he serves is dead, murdered by a Viking mercenary. In the process of avenging his king's death, he learns the astonishing secret of his true ancestry.

In a verbal joust with an arrogant Norman knight, he experiences a reawakening of his long forgotten warrior spirit and must decide whether to reveal his deadly secret, even though it will lead to his death.

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