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Alien Returns

Peter David

Who on planet Earth would have suspected we were playing host to a slave


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-513-6
Published : 26/11/2020
Pages : 308
Size : 156x234
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Peter David

Peter David was born in Manchester, on the Curry Mile. He lived close to the centre, so that was his playground. He and his four brothers enjoyed their life in a three storey building full of hiding places. When he left school he served an apprenticeship as a plumber/pipefitter. This in turn led into instrumentation in the heavy construction industry. He then went on to work in the North Sea, live and work in London, Kent, South Wales and Yorkshire.


About Book

Who on planet Earth would have suspected we were playing host to a slave, who spent six long, hard years under the whip and pistol on a planet called Sandstone, with so many alien slaves, they escaped in time? 
It wasn't till his alien friends and his adoptive sons who came looking for him to return, the good news his signal was picked up and his four sons set off to bring him back. They found him half way up a mountain in South Africa. As ambassador to the Alien Kings Nation, he has to take his place with them. And take up the fight for peace and freedom for all.
As the conflict rages between leaders and conquerors in the galaxy, death and destruction is attacking planets on a regular basis. With planets joining forces to defeat and overcome the attacking enemies.

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