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A Horse's Tale

Jo Jefferson

This exciting story demonstrates the remarkable energy between man and horse.


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ISBN : 978-1-78830-281-4
Published : 24/10/2019
Pages : 190
Size : 205x140mm
Imprint : Olympia Publishers

Jo Jefferson

Jo Jefferson is a former P.E. teacher, an experienced horsewoman and a former National Side Saddle Rider of the Year. She is a respected international Equestrian Judge having judged in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. She has judged here in the UK at major County Shows, at The Horse of the Year Show and The Royal International Horse Show on numerous occasions. She is also to be found on the end of a microphone as an equestrian commentator at events up and down the country. Jo has a son and a daughter and lives in a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.


About Book

‘She hung on grimly and for the briefest of instants thought she would remain in the saddle, but her flagging grip was no match for Humphrey's explosive power and she felt herself ejected upwards. A huge crack reverberated in her skull and then there was nothing.'

Humphrey is a handsome, well-bred lightweight hunter, owned by Major B and cared for by Jade, his groom. H, as he is affectionately known, with his bright bay face with a crooked white stripe, has a good life. However, after a reckless ride by the Major's thoughtless nephew, H is sadly injured and has to be sold. 
And so begins a series of events and unwitting adventures across two countries with a variety of characters. Confronting happiness, theft, heroics, accidents and downright cruelty, will Humphrey's resilience and patient temperament help him survive these trials and tribulations?
This exciting story demonstrates the harmonious energy between man and horse and how Humphrey, with his generous, trustful nature, is faced with the very best and very worst of human behaviour.

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